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  1. Pazos-Moura C, Abel ED,, Boers M-E, Moura E, Hampton TG, Wang J, Morgan JP, Wondisford FE. Cardiac dysfunction caused by myocardial-specific expression of a mutant thyroid hormone receptor. Circulation Research 2000; 86:700-706 (* Co-first Author). PMID: 10747007
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  3. Pachucki J, Hopkins J, Peeters R, Tu H, Carvalho S, Kaulbach H, Abel ED, Wondisford FE, Ingwall J, Larsen PR. Type 2 iodothyronine deiodinase transgene expression in the mouse heart causes cardiac-specific thyrotoxicosis. Endocrinology : 2001;14213-20. PMID: 10932232
  4. Abel ED, Peroni O, Kim JK, Kim Y-B, Boss O, Hadro E, Minneman T, Shulman GI, Kahn BB. Adipose selective targeting of the GLUT4 Gene impairs insulin action in muscle and liver. Nature 2001; 409:729-733. PMID: 11217863
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  6. Abel ED, Ahima RS, Boers M-E, Elmquist JK, Wondisford FE. Critical role for thyroid hormone receptor ß2 in the regulation of TRH neurons in the paraventricular hypothalamus. Journal of Clinical Investigation 107;2001; 1017-1023. PMC: 199552
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  9. Shiojima I, Yefremashvili M, Luo Z, Kureishi Y, Takahashi A, Tao J, Rosenzweig A, Kahn CR, Abel ED, Walsh K. Akt mediates postnatal cardiac growth in response to insulin and nutritional status. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2002; 277: 37670-37677. PMID: 12163490
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  11. Abel ED, Moura EG, Ahima RS, Pazos-Moura CC, Campos-Barros A, Boers ME, Kaulbach H, Forrest D, Wondisford FE. Dominant inhibition of thyroid hormone action selectively in the pituitary of TR-ß null mice abolishes the regulation of thyrotropin by thyroid hormone.2003; Molecular Endocrinology. 17(9): 1767-1776.