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  1. Shimoni Y, Chuang M, Abel ED, Severson DL. Gender dependent attenuation of cardiac potassium currents in type 2 diabetic db/db mice. 2004: J. Physiol. 555(2) : 345-354. PMC: 1664833
  2. Hayashi M, Kim S-W, Imanaka-Yoshida K, Yoshida T, Abel ED, Elicieri B, Yang Y, Ulevich RJ, Lee J-D. Targeted deletion of BMK1/ERK5 in adult mice perturbs vascular integrity and leads to endothelial failure. 2004: Journal of Clinical Investigation. 113:1138-1148.
  3. Mazumder PK, O’Neill BT, Roberts MW, Buchanan J, Yun UJ, Cooksey RC, Boudina S, Abel ED, Impaired Cardiac Efficiency and Increased Fatty Acid Oxidation in Insulin Resistant ob/ob mouse hearts. 2004: Diabetes. 53: 2366-2374. PMID: 15331547
  4. Abel ED, Graveleau C, Betuing S, Pham M, Reay PA, Kandror V, Kupriyanova T, Xu Z, Kandror KV. Regulation of IRAP expression and targeting in the insulin responsive vesicle compartment of GLUT4 deficient cardiomyocytes. 2004. Molecular Endocrinology. 18:2491-2501. PMID: 15231875
  5. Stavinoha MA, RaySpellicy JW, Essop MF, Graveleau C, Abel ED, Hart-Sailors ML, Mersmann HJ, Bray MS, Young ME. Evidence for mitochondrial thioesterase 1 as a peroxisome proliferators-activated receptor alpha regulated gene in cardiac and skeletal muscle. 2004. American Journal of Physiology. 287 (5): E888-895. PMID: 15292030
  6. Punske BB, Rossi S, Erschler P, Rasmussen I, Abel ED, Optical mapping of propagation changes induced by elevated extracellular potassium ion concentration in genetically altered mouse hearts. 2004. Journal of Electrocardiology. 37: Suppl. 128-134. PMID: 15534822