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  1. Rui T, Feng Q, Lei M, Peng T, Zhang J, Xu M, Abel ED, Xenocostas A, Kvietys PR. Erythropoietin prevents the acute myocardial inflammatory response induced by ischemia/reperfusion in vitro and in vivo: role of AP-1. 2005. Cardiovascular Research. 65:719-727. PMID: 15664399
  2. Leone TC, Lehman JJ, Finck BN, Schaeffer PJ, Wende AR, Boudina S, Courtois M, Wozniak DF, Sambandam N, Bernal-Mizrachi C, Chen Z, Holloszy JO, Medeiros DM, Schmidt RE, Saffitz JE, Abel ED, Semenkovich CF, Kelly DP.PGC-1a Deficiency Causes Multi-System Energy Metabolic Derangements: Muscle Dysfunction, Abnormal Weight Control and Hepatic Steatosis. 2005. PLOS Biology 3(4)e101. PMID: 15760270
  3. Durgan DJ, Hotze MA, Tomlin TM, Egbejimi O, Gravelelau G, Abel ED, Shaw CA, Bray MS, Hardin PE, Young ME. The intrinsic circadian clock within the cardiomyocyte. 2005 American Journal of Physiology. 289:H1530-1541. PMID: 15917094
  4. Graveleau C, Zaha VG, Mohajer A, Banerjee RR, Dudley-Rucker N, Steppan CM, Rajala MW, Scherer PE, Ahima RS, Scherer PS, Lazar MA, Abel ED, Mouse and human resistin impair glucose transport in primary mouse cardiomyocytes and oligomerization is required for this biological action. 2005. J. Biol Chem. 280:31679-31685. PMID: 15983036
  5. Buchanan J, Mazumder PK, Hu P, Chakrabarti G, Roberts MW, Yun UJ, Cooksey RC, Litwin SE, Abel ED, Reduced cardiac efficiency and altered substrate metabolism precedes the onset of hyperglycemia and contractile dysfunction in two mouse models of insulin resistance and obesity.2005. Endocrinology146:5341-5349. PMID: 16141388
  6. McQueen AP, Zhang D, Hu P, Swenson L, Yang Y, Zaha VG, Hoffman JL, Yun UJ, Chakrabarti G, Wang Z, Albertine KH, Abel ED,, Litwin SE*. Contractile dysfunction in hypertrophied hearts with deficient insulin receptor signaling: possible role of reduced capillary density. 2005. J. Molecular and Cellular Cardiology.39:882-892 (* Corresponding authors). PMID: 16216265
  7. Boudina S, Sena S, O’Neill BT, Tathireddy P, Young ME, Abel ED, Reduced mitochondrial oxidative capacity and increased mitochondrial uncoupling impairs myocardial energetics in obesity. 2005. Circulation.112:2686-2695. PMID: 16246967