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  1. Zhang Y, Soto J, Park K, Viswanath G, Kuwada S, Abel ED, Wang L. Nuclear receptor SHP, a death receptor that targets mitochondria, induces apoptosis and inhibits tumor growth. Molecular and Cellular Biology, 2010: 30:1341-56. PMC: 2832505
  2. Griesel BA, Weems J, Russell RA, Abel ED, Humphries K, Olson AL. Acute inhibition of fatty acid import inhibits GLUT4 transcription in adipose tissue, but not skeletal or cardiac muscle tissue, partly through LXR signaling. Diabetes 2010: 59:800-7. PMC: 2844827
  3. Shimizu I, Minamino T, Toko H, Okada S, Ikeda H, Yasuda N, Tateno K, Moriya J, Yokoyama M 1, Nojima A, Koh GY, Akazawa H, Shiojima I, Kahn CR, Abel ED, Komuro I. Excessive cardiac insulin signaling exacerbates systolic dysfunction induced by pressure overload. J. Clin Invest. 2010: 120:1506-14. PMC: 2860916
  4. Cooksey RC, Jones D, Gabrielsen S, Huang J, Simcox JA, Luo B, Soesanto YA, Rienhoff H, Abel ED, McClain DA. Dietary iron restriction or iron chelation protect from diabetes and loss of beta cell function in the obese (ob/ob lep-/-) mouse. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2010: 298:E1236-43. PMC: 2886527
  5. Wende AR, Soto J, Olsen CD, Pires KM, Schell JC, Larrieu-Lahargue F, Litwin SE, Kakoki M, Takahashi N, Smithies O, Abel ED, Loss of Bradykinin Signaling Does Not Accelerate the Development of Cardiac Dysfunction in Type 1 Diabetic Akita Mice. Endocrinology. 2010: 151(8): 3536-42. PMC: 2940524
  6. Banke NH, Wende AR, Leone TC, O’Donnell JM, Abel ED, Kelly DP, Lewandowski ED. Preferential Oxidation of Triacylglyceride-Derived Fatty Acids in Heart is Augmented by the Nuclear Receptor PPAR?. Circulation Research. 2010. 107(2):233-41. PMC: 2921193
  7. O'Grady SP, Wende AR, Remien CH, Valenzuela LO, Enright LE, Chesson LA, Abel ED, Cerling TE, Ehleringer JR. Aberrant water homeostasis detected by stable isotope analysis. PLoS ONE 2010: 5(7): e11699. PMID: 20657736
  8. Son NH, Yu S, Tuinei J, Arai K, Hamai H, Homma S, Shulman GI, Abel ED, Goldberg IJ. PPAR-gamma-induced cardiolipotoxicity is ameliorated by PPAR-alpha deficiency despite greater fatty acid oxidation in mice. J. Clin Invest. 2010: 120:3443-54. PMID: 20852389
  9. Fang X, Palanivel R, Cresser J, Schram K, Ganguly R, Thong FS, Tuinei J, Xu A, Abel ED, Sweeney G. An APPL1-AMPK Signaling Axis Mediates Beneficial Metabolic Effects of Adiponectin in the Heart. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2010: 299(5):E721-9. PMC: 2980363
  10. Tanner JM, Kearns DT, Kim BJ, Sloan C, Zhanjun Jia Z, Yang T, Abel ED, Symons JD. Fasting-induced reductions in cardiovascular and metabolic variables occur sooner in obese vs. lean mice. Exp Biol Med (Maywood). 2010:235:1489-97. PMID: 21127345