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  1. Symons JD, Hu P, Yang Y, Wang X, Zhang QJ, Wende AR, Sloan CS, Sena S, Abel ED, Litwin SE. Knockout of insulin receptors in cardiomyocytes attenuates coronary arterial dysfunction induced by pressure overload cardiac hypertrophy. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2011: 300:H374-81. PMC: 3023253
  2. Huang J, Jones D, Luo B, Sanderson M, Soto J, Abel ED, Cooksey RC, McClain DA. Iron overload and diabetes risk: A shift from glucose to fatty acid oxidation and increased hepatic glucose production in a mouse model of hereditary hemochromatosis. Diabetes. 2011: 60:80-7. PMC: 3012200
  3. Sloan C, Tuinei J, Nemetz K, Frandsen J, Soto J, Wride N, Sempokuya T, Alegria L, Bugger H, Abel ED, Central leptin signaling is required to normalize myocardial fatty acid oxidation rates in caloric restricted ob/ob mice. Diabetes. 2011: 60:1424-34. PMC: 3292315
  4. Pound KM, Arteaga GM, Fasano M, Wilder T, Fischer SK, Warren CM, Wende AR, Farjah M, Abel ED, Solaro RJ, Lewandowski ED. Expression of slow skeletal TnI in adult mouse hearts confers metabolic protection to ischemia. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2011: 51:236-43. PMC: 3124599
  5. Poussin C, Ibberson M, Hall D, Ding J, Soto J, Abel ED, Thorens B. Oxidative phosphorylation flexibility in the liver of mice resistant to high fat diet-induced hepatic steatosis. Diabetes. 2011: 60:2216-24. PMC: 3161312
  6. Riehle C, Wende AR, Zaha VG, Pires KM, Wayment B, Olsen C, Bugger H, Buchanan J, Wang X, Moura AB, Doenst T, Medina-Gomez G, Litwin SE, Lelliott CJ, Vidal-Puig A, Abel ED, PGC-1ß Deficiency Accelerates the Transition to Heart Failure in Pressure Overload Hypertrophy. Circulation Research. 2011: 109:783-93. PMC: 3175248
  7. Li Y, Ma J, Zhu H, Singh M, Hill D, Greer PA, Arnold M, Abel ED, Peng T. Targeted inhibition of calpain reduces myocardial hypertrophy and fibrosis in mouse models of type-I diabetes. Diabetes 2011: 60:2985-94. PMC: 3198063
  8. Sohn K, Sachse FB, Moreno AP, Ershler PR, Wende AR, Abel ED,Punske BB. The maximal downstroke of epicardial potentials as an index of electrical activity in mouse hearts. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering. 2011: 58:3175-83. PMID: 21859611
  9. Young CD, Lewis AS, Rudolph MC, Ruehle MD, Jackman MR, Yun UJ, Ilkun O, Pereira R, Abel ED, Anderson SM. Modulation of glucose transporter 1 (GLUT1) expression levels alters mouse mammary tumor cell growth in vitro and in vivo. PLoS One. 2011: 6(8):e23205. PMID: 21826239
  10. Ock S. Lee SH, Ahn J, Lee TJ, Cho C-H, Abel ED, Kimura S, Kim J. Conditional deletion of insulin receptor in thyrocytes does not affect thyroid structure and function. Endocrine Journal. 2011. 58:1013-9. PMC: 3471790